About The Artist

            "Here I am painting at Willow Creek near our cabin in Colorado"

Artist’s Statement:

“I feel there is an exciting interaction between personality and paint evident in each movement of the hand dancing across the paper. Painting outdoors, I look at a scene or object and try to capture those quintessential colors and moments with a minimum of brushstrokes. My art can be expressionist, intuitive or  impressionist in mood. I think a style is emerging that shows my unique use of color and light and shadow. Subjects range from  animals, figures, florals and landscapes in watercolor, pastels and oils. Love of the outdoors and especially the Southwestern United States, and people who work and play on the land is indicated throughout my paintings. Light is important in showing space on a two-dimensional surface but color is also a tool of expressing  appreciation for the earth and its produce.”

Biographical Statement:

Jane had an active, imaginative youth in Waco, Texas. Her parents were teachers in their early careers and so gave her the opportunity to experiment with the arts including dance, music and painting along with her public school education. After high school, she went to Denton, Texas to get her BA  and MA in Art Education from the University of North Texas.  She taught art in the elementary school art program in Dallas for 10 years, then was accepted in the DOD School System for American bases overseas.   She taught middle and high school art classes  one year in GooseBay, Labrador. That summer, she was married to Jim, who was stationed there at Goose Bay AFB. She also taught art history for the University of Maryland while she was at Goose Bay AFB. After moves to Tucson for 2 years, the Philippine Islands for 2 years,  and  Albuquerque for 4 years in the USAF, they were both happy to get jobs at the Los Alamos National Laboratory  and settle down in the mountain community of Los Alamos, NM, where they lived for 20+ years (from 1979-2000).  When she was hired at LANL in 1979 as a drafter/illustrator, pen and ink and airbrush were the modus operandi. Eventually she trained herself on the computer and became a computer graphics specialist for DX Division. She has since given up the day jobs to come back to being an active, imaginative child again!  Moving to Santa Fe in the spring of 2000, both Jim (photographer) and Jane (two-dimensional artist) are active in the art community that thrives there. 

Academic Education:

B.A., M.A.  in art education, University of North Texas, Denton, TX, 1959,1962.

Teaching Experience:

Dallas, Texas, art teacher, Rufus Burleson Elementary School, 1960-1969Goosebay AFB, Labrador, art teacher, Jr and Sr High School, 1969-1970Goosebay AFB, Labrador, U of Maryland, one semester of art history, 1970Albuquerque, NM, TVI instructor, graphics and layout for publications, 1973-1976Demonstration at WFS Watercolor Show at Albuquerque Museum, August, 2002 Now available as a workshop instructor  in watercolor technique, plein air trips.

Graphics  Experience:

Church cookbook  illustrations  (when I was in high school)
Magazine illustrations and layouts for Albuquerque Magazine, Southwest Sports,  New  Mexico Wildlife while living in Albuquerque, 1979
Los Alamos National Laboratory, drafting, illustration, computer graphics, 1980-2000
Los Alamos Art Studio Tour,brochure design, 1999
Enchantedlands Bicycle Tours, brochures, 1999, 2000
Eldorado Art Studio Tour, brochure  design, 2000
Design and maintainance of my own website, 2000-present


Truchas Coffeehouse and Art Gallery, 1995-1997
ARTES Gallery, Espanola, NM, 1995-2002 
ANDREWS Gallery, Los Alamos,NM, 1999-2002
Art Center at Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos,  2000-2007
RED DOT Gallery,  616 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM, April, 2005
FISHER Gallery, Central Av, Albuq, NM 2006 -07, Feb-Mar 06 featured artist
TWO PEARS Gallery, Eldorado, Santa Fe, NM Nov-Jan, 2006-07

Group Shows:

LOS ALAMOS ARTISTS STUDIO TOUR, 1998, 1999         ELDORADOARTSTUDIOTOUR  2002-2008,2010,2011                             

ARTE.S. , Espanola, NM , 1997,98,99, 2000, 01, 02                                        DOS PAJARITOS (my studio-gallery), art sale at with 2 other artists, 2001       ART CENTER AT FULLER LODGE, Los Alamos, 2000-06. various themes (one being “FIVE X 2” featuring 10 artists)                                                        WOMEN ARTISTS OF THE WEST (WAOW) 27th Annual National Arts Foundation      at Skokie,IL (Chicago area) Nov. 2006

One-Woman Shows:

CAFE ALLEGRO, Los Alamos, May 2000                                                     CHURCH OF RELIGIOUS SCIENCE, Santa Fe, March 2000                                        EL GANCHO Racquet and Swim Club, Santa Fe, June 2000                           BETTY EHART SENIOR CENTER, Los Alamos, February 2000                                               KATHERINE'S RESTAURANT, Los Alamos, October 2000                                 Betty Ehart Senior Center, Los Alamos, May 2001                                            NM Art League, Albuquerque, one room  of the gallery, Sept 2001              Portal Gallery, Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos, “Walking in Provence” June-July 2002 Andrews Gallery, Los Alamos, “The Cottonwoods”, Sept 2002                      Santa Fe Public Library, Santa Fe,  November 2002                                            EL GANCHO Racquet and Swim Club, Santa Fe, Sept 2003,2005, 2007, 2010

Juried Shows:

WFS (Western Federation of Art Societies) “Chamisa Row” annual in San Diego, CA, May, ‘99
PSNM  (Pastel Society of NM) National Shows in Albuquerque, “Morning on the     Mesa” Fall ’99,  Fall '06, "Chamisas in Winter"
NMWS (New Mexico Watercolor Society) five shows required for signature:
     “Feeling of Cactus”, Spring 1998
     “Howdy, Holly”, “ Chamisa Rows” , Fall 1998
     “Sunflower Fury”,  Spring  1999
     “On Willow Creek”  (Graham Award) , Spring 2001
     “Eve walk in Santa Cruz”, “Olive Garden in Provence”, (signature granted) Fall 2001
Masterworks Show, Albuquerque, showing “Chamisa Rows” and miniatures, Spring  ‘99 
Traditional Shows at Los Alamos Art Center, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
NWS (National Watercolor Society), “On Willow Creek”, San Pedro, CA, Spring 2003
Masterworks Show, Albuquerque, showing “Artesanos Populares”, Spring  ‘04 Masterworks Show, Albuquerque, Spring 2004 
Masterworks Show, Albuquerque, showing "Mexican Kitchen Pots", Spring 2005
Taos National Watercolor Society Show, Fechin Inn, Fall 2004
RED DOT GALLERY,Canyon Road, small works international  show, "Goats do    Roam"Spring 2005


Honorable mention in the employee’s art show, Los Alamos Nat’l Laboratory, 1988
Reserve grand champion award in the County Fair , Los Alamos, Fall 1998
Honorable mention in the Pastels Aplenty Show, “Pacifica”, during International  Pastel  Society  (IPS) convention,     Albuquerque, July, 1999
Graham  Watercolors Award for “On Willow Creek”, NMWS , Spring 2001
PSNM National Show Fall 2006,"Chamisas in Winter", Armadillo Art and Craft Award (Art Spectrum, Australia)  


George & Mary Hrbek, 104 Aragon, Los Alamos NM 87544
Ivar & Alean Lindstrom, 327 Venado, Los Alamos, NM 87544
Steve & Kay Maize, 3816 Calle Del Monte NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110                
Catherine Hoitsma, 2992 Plaza Azul, Santa Fe, NM 87505
LANL Director Pete and Bee Nanos, Los Alamos, NM
Mr. &  Mrs. Rebecca Stevens and Loren Byers, Chimayo NM
Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Jan Wrotenbery, Austin, TX
Ms.  Lori Wrotenbery, Santa Fe, NM
Dr.  Loyd S Swenson, Houston, TX
Patricia Greenfield, 42 Park Av, Venice, CA 90291
Bill Cisneros, owner of El Gancho Swim and Racquet Club, Santa Fe, NM
Christina Boyle, Santa Fe, NM
Willard and Kay Lewis, Santa Fe, NM
Rowena Root,  Wisconsin and Santa Fe
Patsy Moler, Santa Fe, NM
Carla Dumesnic, Heritage Realty, SF, NM


Rebecca Stevens & Loren Byers, coloristic painting of their “rented house in              Chimayo” , 2001                                                                                      Rebecca Stevens & Loren Byers, pastel likeness of their “dogs”, 2004 

Seminars and Workshops attended:

Frank La Lumia, PleinAire Painters of America in Steamboat Spr, CO, Fall 1998
Cary Ennis OPA (oils),  Los Alamos Art Center , Summer 1999
Doug Dawson PSA (pastels),  Santa Fe, Summer 1999
Fran Larson, Art Expo Workshop, Santa Fe, Fall 2000
Albert Handell, OPA (pastels), Taos, Fall 2000
EricWeigardt,NWS (watercolors), Santa Fe, Fall,2000
Hilary Page, NAWS (watercolors), Sedona, AZ, March 2002
Charles Reid, NWS (watercolors), Myrtle Beach, SC, May, 2002
Michael McGuire, OPA (oils, design), Albuquerque, June, 2002

Art related services:

Los Alamos Art Studio Tour member for the years 1998, 1999. Served on Jury Committee, 1999 and Chair of Brochure Committee, 1999.

Los Alamos Art Center at Fuller Lodge (member since 1980).  Served on Board 1999,2000,2001 and Chair of Membership Committee 1999-2001.

Eldorado Art Studio Tour, 2000, 2002-2011. Chair of Brochure Committee, 2000.  Brochure Committee aide,  2002, 2005.  Website aide, 2003-2011.

Organizer and Planner for an informal group of pleinair painters who paint in various areas in Northern New Mexico 2005-2011.

Organizer of first "Pleinair Painting without Rules", one month show at La Tienda Mall in Eldorado Jan-Feb 2011.

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